Welcome to Fury-Game


✓ First of all you should go to ®REGISTER to create a new account.
✓ After registering you need to ↡DOWNLOAD the full client.
✓ Also you can download our PATCH but I recommend you to download the full client to avoid any future problems.
To know more about our GAME or If you have any problem please visit our FB page HERE.

Couple of things to consider.

➀ There is no GM that plays in the game; So if you want to speak to a GM please visit our FB page.
➁ We only sell SPoints. We DO NOT sell in-game Items.
➂ Beware of scammers. Double-check who you exchange items with, for there are those whom attempt to copy others IGN's to steal items.
➃ DO NOT buy, or sell any items or gold for real money to avoid getting banned.
CLICK HERE to read more about our Rules

THESE TIPS FOR ARABS PLAYERS ☚         ☛ هذه الخطوات للاعبين العرب.

⟿ If you want to buy SPoints you need to go to our ☞FACEBOOK page and send a private message to the GM and he will help you to purchase SPoints.